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Our life is like a game, which you can win only if you know the rules. Most people are not even aware of the existence of the instructions, they act on their own accord, so they are haunted by failure. And by failure is meant any movement in the wrong direction, no matter how successful it may seem. By moving blindly and misinterpreting events, a person plunges deeper and deeper into a deep abyss of problems from which he cannot get out on his own.

Save yourself and change your destiny – everyone can by following the instructions of Pragma and the advice of experienced mentors who will show you the way and not let you get lost.

    Contact us through the feedback form and you will be sent the first steps of the Pragma instructions, after which you will be provided with a personal mentor.

    The Pragma Teaching

    Instructions on how to use our world The Pragma teaching is a step-by-step instruction on the way of life. It is not a religion, but supplements and explains the rules and laws of existing faiths. The doctrine of Pragma became publicly available thanks to the revelations and enlightening activities of the Tibetan seer Yeshe-Dawa. He often says: "The one who knows where to go will pass. Hundreds of thousands of followers of the teachings from all over the world prove its effectiveness every day


    Confines are basic properties of the world that affect the flow of life and must be understood so as not to harm oneself or others.

    Confine 1 (Desires)
    Desires rule a person's life. It's like a railroad track that moves him along it in a given direction. Desires cannot be nurtured, or coached by willpower, they are given from above to
    to perform on earth a certain task and to gain a certain experience. Desires can be awakened (initiated) - this is very important, it gives the opportunity to change the reality around us for the better, but only within the limits of one's destiny.

    Confine 2 (Forgiveness)
    Finding himself in a negative situation, for example, by chickening out, a person learns the whole gamut of negative feelings. This causes him to focus his attention on this problem, to work on himself, and, in the future, not only to solve this problem, to stop being a coward, but also to understand and forgive others. The main outcome of this life lesson is the ability to forgive.

    Confine 3 (Struggle, an instrument of destiny)
    Often on life's path one meets someone who is a source of trouble. If you have strength, you must fight; if you don't have strength, you must retreat. However, it is necessary to forgive this person in any case.
    At the same time, if you have the strength to fight, you should not retreat, because in this case you are an instrument of fate, which will teach an important lesson to this person. But a fair question arises: given that all life is conditioned by desire or lack thereof, what to do if there is opportunity and strength, but no desire to fight. It is precisely in this case that the Pragma teachings are an activator of dormant desires.
    The fact is that those desires that correspond to the rules of a particular person's life path and lead to his spiritual development are easier to awaken, this is a completely natural process.

    Confine 4 (Trials)
    All of our decisions or actions are predetermined from above. They are necessary to obtain the right experiences that affect spiritual development. It is impossible to avoid or run away from these experiences. However, any trial can either improve or worsen life. It depends on how well the trial was passed, what contribution the solution made to spiritual development. If a trial is not passed or passed incorrectly, it is like a magnet that attracts others.

    Confine 5 (Choice)
    It should be made clear that predestination has a flaw; nothing is 100% in the universe. A person is given 0.001% freedom of choice. The insignificance of such values may suggest that they are not worthy of attention, but this is just a profound misconception. Any action, no matter how insignificant it may seem, if taken in the right direction, repeatedly and over a long period of time, can dramatically change life within the framework of destiny.

    Confine 6 (the framework of destiny)
    A person's destiny is like a path from point A to point B, with its crossroads, ups and downs. This path is heterogeneous: a bog and swamp on the right, and a sunlit, paved highway along a picturesque ocean coastline on the left. There are countless forks in the path of life, and without a map or navigator, one will inevitably take a wrong turn and inevitably get bogged down. This means that, moving in a predetermined direction, you can go both on a smooth highway and with difficulty wading through the mire. It should be understood that it is impossible to go beyond destiny, but within this framework it is possible to fundamentally change the quality of life.

    Confine 7 (Limitation)
    Karmic and Physical Grounding. The physical basis is the instrument of the karmic basis.
    No matter how much a hare wants to fly like a lark, it will never grow wings and a beak. Everyone has natural limitations on the path of spiritual perfection in the form of their anatomy, physiology, and instincts. Just as a train cannot turn off the tracks, so man will not get rid of these three components of his material nature.

    Confine 8 (thoughts and actions)
    One often hears that thought is material, but a real action, however small, is much more material than a thought. Absolutely any action has a tremendous impact on the surrounding reality, not to mention successive steps toward a specific goal.
    The main principle of the Pragma teachings is a minimum feasible action in a given vector, repeated with sufficient frequency, which allows one to reach a qualitatively new level of life.
    It is possible to wish every day, with all your heart to tears, for a hungry person to be nourished, or it is possible to feed him. Obviously, which of these two options is more effective.

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    Actions and deeds that change reality, destiny. The following are a few examples of actions used in practice.

    Overcoming - 0 (zero, purification)
    Any fasting, vows, or abstinence are resistance to the material basis (see Limit 7) that constrains the paths of development. They enable the release of higher-order desires. There are standard actions for purification, and there are individual ones. The choice of limits, the order of performance, and the duration is prescribed by the Mentor.

    Overcoming - 1
    Singling out the karmic task and assignment of the contradiction action.

    Overcoming - 2
    If you want to change your destiny, change the life of another. Influencing the reality of others is an important method of changing one's position within destiny.
    Due to the fact that at the beginning of the path all the efforts go to maintain their own lives and solve their own problems, it is very difficult to help others, so the actions will be minimal.

    Overcoming - 3
    Forgiveness is the ultimate spiritual action. If people understood the power of forgiveness in their own lives the phrase "I will never forgive you" would disappear forever. Everyone would forgive gladly. The processing of the past life and the technique of total forgiveness is done with a personal mentor.

    Overcoming - 4
    To loosen the influence of the karmic basis, you have to upset the intended order of things, actions. Change reactions. People as works react predictably to stimuli. To offense they take offense, to joy they rejoice. The very first action to change is to respond to negativity with positivity. At first, you will not be able to rejoice sincerely if you are offended. Therefore, the action will take place in any emotional state. You were offended, and you bought a cake for this person and passed it on through friends, and then prayed, put a candle. There are three distinct stages. The first is that you can hardly force yourself to respond to evil with a good deed. The second - you experience less negativity, and as if from the outside observe yourself. Third - you understand how you can be offended by a person if he is what he is.

    Overcoming - 5
    Sacrifice - like forgiveness is the highest spiritual action.

    Overcoming - 6
    Self-awareness during the day.
    Three times a day you have to pull yourself out of the flow. Pull yourself out of the program. Become aware of yourself, remember who you are, where you come from and where you are going, look at yourself and your life from the depths of the universe where time is infinite, and then pray briefly. The frequency and method is given by the Mentor.

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    New qualities of life, achievements, changes.
    Shift - 1 For the first time in your life, you will feel a new feeling, perhaps it has sometimes met in your life's journey - it is the "rightness" of your actions. You are still bogged down in a swamp of problems, but your movements, your actions have become in the right direction toward dry land, solid ground. The soul responds to this with a positive charge. People feel a surge of energy, stresses and external stimuli no longer affect your mind so much.
    Shift 2 One of the most difficult changes in life, it usually can not go without a mentor. In life, many people accidentally find themselves in this stage of the shift, but without guidance, they go astray again. This is the first step on solid ground. The karmic base reacts with apathy as there are no hard irritants or stimulus. It is like a drowning man in the first minutes after being rescued. He just lies on the shore without strength and emotionally devastated. It is necessary to be patient and conduct meditations and motivational Resonances under the Mentor's supervision.
    Shift-3 New acquaintances, new perspectives. After the second shift, the sun will shine for the first time on the path of life. A new acquaintance will arise, possibly several. New possibilities, perspectives will arise. The role of the Mentor will increase, as it is very important to choose a path that leads in the right direction.
    Shift - 4 Life has changed. This is seen by loved ones and acquaintances. You are firmly on your feet. You feel like you know where to go next. Higher-order desires have appeared, your goals have changed. You have new friends, new surroundings. At this stage a powerful opposition of karmic basis arises. Temptations and desires of a lower order arise, which are closely intertwined with higher ones. A change in physiology, a recovery of the body is clearly manifested. Involvement of a mentor is very important.
    Shift - 5 You are self-sufficient. You have found yourself. A sense of peace fills you. You are willing and able to share your energy with others. People are drawn to you. You radiate peace and confidence. Sometimes, rarely, there may be emotional instability. This is as a consequence of an unfinished transition. The first manifestations of awareness of your chosen path. The need for communication with a mentor.
    Shift - 6 Manifestation of metaphysical abilities. Ability to help people. At this stage, it's up to the Mentor to decide whether the new abilities can be used or not. Moderation is important. The need for communication with the Mentor.
    There are 16 "Shifts" in the full list, the last 3 being collective movements. From the 9th "Shift," Mentor levels.
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    Dr. Khardy
    Dr. Khardy
    02 December 2019

    Thanks a lot for everything!

    18 November 2019

    This year was very difficult for me: I lost my mother, divorced my wife, became isolated. When I realized that my friends ’advice didn’t work, and the psychologist’s sessions were just pumping money out, I decided to take a desperate step – write to the clairvoyant Yeshe-Dava. Honestly, I did not believe that he was someone that could help, but even answer. To my surprise, Yeshe-Dava wrote me the very next day, and from that moment on, my life changed. With his support, I gained confidence in myself, again I wanted to LIVE. Thanks for the good advice!

    17 October 2019

    I almost got married by mistake. How difficult it is when there is no person nearby with whom you can talk about everything. I wrote without much hope to the clairvoyant Dava, and honestly did not wait for an answer, but it came. And it was like a miracle, everything that happened was revealed in another in the real light! I express my heartfelt gratitude!

    28 September 2019

    I rarely turn to clairvoyants but I am always glad that there are such talented people!

    01 September 2019

    Six months ago, everything went wrong in my life: I was fired from my job, my wife left, taking our children with her, my friends turned away. Life for me at that moment lost all meaning. Once I came across an article on the Internet about the healer Yeshe-Dava. You know, I never believed in all this magic, sorcery, clairvoyance and the like. And so, it wasn’t, because of hopelessness I decided to write to him. Yeshe-Dava’s response made me open my eyes to many things and review my behavior. I reconciled with my wife, I found a good job, I finally figured out myself. Life began to improve.

    23 August 2019

    My marriage was falling apart: the husband started drinking badly. Although before the wedding, everything was just perfect. And then it seemed to be broken. I tried everything, I went to the doctors, nothing worked. Then I decided to try to contact the healers. I accidentally found Yeshe-Dava and wrote to him about my problem. The answer came the next day. Yeshe-Dava told what and how to do to rid my husband of this addiction. With his help, my beloved finally understood what he was doing to himself and our family. After talking with Yeshe-Dava, our family no longer has a problem with alcoholism.

    06 July 2019

    Usually 2-3 days. In a letter of up to 6 thousand characters, you can ask only the most important thing that you want to know.

    05 July 2019

    How long to wait for an answer? Can I ask two questions at once?

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