Yeshe-Dava helped me a lot! If it weren’t for Yeshe-Dava I don’t know where I would be now. I had really serious problems at work, I am the chief accountant, there really was no way out… I wrote a letter, and after the answer I did as Yeshe-Dava said. And everything went better almost immediately! Amazing!



Yes, at first I knew about Yeshe Dava a lot of years ago ,during university time, the topic is very interesting. I don’t know if a person himself can make the right choice. There is something to think about, i’m sure.



I contacted Yeshe-Dava twice through the website, he helped me so much. Now I always think about him when it’s hard times for me.



My best friend and her husband used to argue constantly…. She really wanted to get a divorce, but wrote to Y.D., he wrote so much to her that she really read it for a week. It is seriously a surprise but now they live soul to soul. What exactly he wrote to her, she does not tell me.



Wrote to him, he told the whole truth. Helped.



For some it may seem ridiculous, I had a dilemma with which woman to stay, it seems that I loved both. But, the situation was so heated that I really wanted to die. It is amazing how the clairvoyant looked into the depths and how he expressed everything. I immediately imagined the future with each of them and there were no more questions. Thank you very much Yeshe Dava



The director always asks us for advice from Yeshe-Dava before important deals, and everyone knows about it.



And how fast does he answer? Today sent a question.



Usually 2-3 days, at this time he asks not to have sex :)))



I saw a program about him on TV, I really wanted to write to him, but I don’t know yet what to ask.

K; kn; lnl


Does he predict for free?



Yes, for free. Only pay for the translation to pay as he does not know English plus the translation of his answer to English back for you.



What he wrote to me all came true!Even scary a little bit!



I had such a terrible period of my life, everything went wrong, it was a disaster, relations were broken,troublems with work, friends. Awful. Even the neighbors stopped saying hello. I didn’t know what to do. Psychologists helped only for one evening. I explained everything in detail in a letter to Yeshe-Dava, he did not write much at all, but he took it for his soul, some simple words, advice, and everything began to get better, life began to sparkle with new colors, seriously !!! I wish there would be more such people on earth !!!



I’m impressed! I have been following the rules for three weeks and already feel how my life has changed. Giiirls! found him! My one, my beloved man! Believe Y.D., it works! Yeshe Dava is the best!



Daughter and her husband always lived in perfect harmony. When Max was eight months pregnant, her husband unexpectedly announced that he wanted a divorce. Yeshe-Dava’s website came across the network and I decided to write. Honestly, I didn’t really hope that I would get an answer. But already in the morning Yeshe-Dava answered. He said that he’s love spell on my son-in-law, also told how to return everything to its place. I’m glad I found him on time. My daughter and her husband are doing well now.



And I do not believe these miracles .. all this nonsense



I recently suffered a stroke. There was a long recovery period. In the personal plan, everything also went wrong. And now a real miracle happened! I’m not young but I feel really great! Everything is on top! The world consists of simple things! As they say, if you want to be happy, just be happy!



I have bypassed many fortune-tellers and progenitors, and as a rule this is a standard set of phrases. But Yeshe Dava struck me from the first line. He really knows what he is saying!



I was bored and just for fun decided to try my luck and find out what awaits me in the future. Posted by Yeshe-Dava. In a letter, I asked about work and personal life not telling anything about myself except my name. When I received the answer, I was literally numb. Yeshe-Dava told everything about me, in detail… He gave very practical advice that helped me change my life for the better.



Strange, yeah, but he helped me. Now no problems with health. I know what to do in future. Everytime I write to him, it works, thanks.



The clairvoyant Yeshe-Dava is a unique one! Just in several sentences I told him in a letter about my problem (there was a serious conflict with the boss, the job was under threat), and he was completely involved in the situation and gave valuable advice, which I immediately followed. I am amazed by his ability to feel people at a distance. The conflict with the boss was settled on the same day, now everything is fine. Thank you Yeshe-Dava!



Some time ago, a black streak began in my life. At work,I had a bad conflict with some colleagues and, of course, my boss. I thought they would fire me. Not only that, the difficulties started at home too. Husband packed up and disappeared, leaving me with two daughters. When it began to seem that I could no longer live like that, providence sent me Yeshe-Dava. I wrote to him, as it was the last hope. After communicating with Yeshe-Dava, everything gradually began to change. Husband returned, said that the demon had beguiled. At work, too, everything is slowly getting better. The colleagues’ frauds were revealed, and no one blames me.



And how to write, in English? Where can I get a translator into Mongolian?



Translation services are provided by the Yeshe-Dava Spiritual Center



He helped my brother. Saved his life.Thanks a lot.



When my family life was going to hell and I couldn’t find a place for myself due to the hopelessness of the situation, my friend advised me to ask for help from the healer Yeshe-Dava. She already talked with him and very successfully, so I decided to follow her advice. I got in touch with a clairvoyant on the Internet, he answered very quickly, wrote a few simple words, but they had so much strength and wisdom that I immediately knew what to do. Reconciliation with her husband was not easy, but it yielded results, now nothing threatens our marriage.



In any strange situation, I go to clairvoyants or fortunetellers. For me, this is a kind of ritual before making a serious decision. It was already with many, but only one really helped. Yeshe-Dava found on the Internet and wrote to him, asked for advice. Yeshe-Dava answered quickly enough, I did not even expect. I liked his advice, really sensible. He gave a literal step-by-step guide for actions. After talking with him, it was as if my eyes opened, improvements went in all areas of life. Really grateful to Yeshe-Dava.



Asked when I am going to get married. ( I am already married) Asked on purpose just to check if he is a cheater. Now I am really sorry. His response was so sincere. He told me a lot, I received so much useful advice.. Thank you.



The healer of Yeshe-Dava is my ligh. This is not the first time I have been addressing him with various problems and finding the right solution with his help. And now, when I was ready to kill myself because of family troubles and when I lost the joy of life, I wrote a letter to my faithful assistant Yeshe-Dava. With his answer, as if by magic, welfare returned to my life, I was able to breathe freely. He is just a sorcerer, grateful to fate that I learned about such a person and have the opportunity to communicate with him!



How long to wait for an answer? Can I ask two questions at once?



Usually 2-3 days. In a letter of up to 6 thousand characters, you can ask only the most important thing that you want to know.



My marriage was falling apart: the husband started drinking badly. Although before the wedding, everything was just perfect. And then it seemed to be broken. I tried everything, I went to the doctors, nothing worked. Then I decided to try to contact the healers. I accidentally found Yeshe-Dava and wrote to him about my problem. The answer came the next day. Yeshe-Dava told what and how to do to rid my husband of this addiction. With his help, my beloved finally understood what he was doing to himself and our family. After talking with Yeshe-Dava, our family no longer has a problem with alcoholism.



Six months ago, everything went wrong in my life: I was fired from my job, my wife left, taking our children with her, my friends turned away. Life for me at that moment lost all meaning. Once I came across an article on the Internet about the healer Yeshe-Dava. You know, I never believed in all this magic, sorcery, clairvoyance and the like. And so, it wasn’t, because of hopelessness I decided to write to him. Yeshe-Dava’s response made me open my eyes to many things and review my behavior. I reconciled with my wife, I found a good job, I finally figured out myself. Life began to improve.



I rarely turn to clairvoyants but I am always glad that there are such talented people!



I almost got married by mistake. How difficult it is when there is no person nearby with whom you can talk about everything. I wrote without much hope to the clairvoyant Dava, and honestly did not wait for an answer, but it came. And it was like a miracle, everything that happened was revealed in another in the real light! I express my heartfelt gratitude!



This year was very difficult for me: I lost my mother, divorced my wife, became isolated. When I realized that my friends ’advice didn’t work, and the psychologist’s sessions were just pumping money out, I decided to take a desperate step – write to the clairvoyant Yeshe-Dava. Honestly, I did not believe that he was someone that could help, but even answer. To my surprise, Yeshe-Dava wrote me the very next day, and from that moment on, my life changed. With his support, I gained confidence in myself, again I wanted to LIVE. Thanks for the good advice!

Dr. Khardy


Thanks a lot for everything!

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