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Tibetan healer and clairvoyant

Yeshe-Dava answers
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As he says:

I don’t know the answers – I just ask and receive knowledge

Through meditation, Yeshe-Dava helps you decide what to do in difficult life circumstances


The world press wrote about the Tibetan boy already in the 60s of the 20th century. His predictions came true with frightening accuracy.
Pilgrims, scientists from different countries rushed to an unknown village in Qinghai province, searching for answers.
New York-based journalist Isaac B. Patterson wrote: “…I don’t know if there are miracles on earth? But, Yeshe-Dava is undoubtedly a miracle! …”

From 1960 to 1970, the clairvoyant, still being a teenager, predicted more than 100 significant events in China, which came true without exception with inexorable punctuality, and it resulted in drawing even more attention to the mysterious boy.

In the eighties, in the status of a world famous fortune teller, Yeshe-Dava makes a series of public predictions published by authoritative media in England and the United States, and a group of scientists formed at the German-French Research Institute in Saint-Louis, invites him to take part in a scientific experiment to study paranormal phenomena, the results of which later become a sensation and a trigger for controversial discussions among scientists for the coming decades.

In 2005, the seer decided not to hide his amazing solitude abilities any longer, but to use his gift for the benefit of all those in need, his advice has already helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
Now you can also contact Yeshe-Dava directly.

«I don’t know if there are miracles
on the ground? But Yeshe Dava –
undoubted miracle!»


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Dr. Khardy

Thanks a lot for everything!


This year was very difficult for me: I lost my mother, divorced my wife, became isolated. When I realized that my friends ’advice didn’t work, and the psychologist’s sessions were just pumping money out, I decided to take a desperate step - write to the clairvoyant Yeshe-Dava. Honestly, I did not believe that he was someone that could help, but even answer. To my surprise, Yeshe-Dava wrote me the very next day, and from that moment on, my life changed. With his support, I gained confidence in myself, again I wanted to LIVE. Thanks for the good advice!


I almost got married by mistake. How difficult it is when there is no person nearby with whom you can talk about everything. I wrote without much hope to the clairvoyant Dava, and honestly did not wait for an answer, but it came. And it was like a miracle, everything that happened was revealed in another in the real light! I express my heartfelt gratitude!


I rarely turn to clairvoyants but I am always glad that there are such talented people!


Six months ago, everything went wrong in my life: I was fired from my job, my wife left, taking our children with her, my friends turned away. Life for me at that moment lost all meaning. Once I came across an article on the Internet about the healer Yeshe-Dava. You know, I never believed in all this magic, sorcery, clairvoyance and the like. And so, it wasn’t, because of hopelessness I decided to write to him. Yeshe-Dava’s response made me open my eyes to many things and review my behavior. I reconciled with my wife, I found a good job, I finally figured out myself. Life began to improve.


My marriage was falling apart: the husband started drinking badly. Although before the wedding, everything was just perfect. And then it seemed to be broken. I tried everything, I went to the doctors, nothing worked. Then I decided to try to contact the healers. I accidentally found Yeshe-Dava and wrote to him about my problem. The answer came the next day. Yeshe-Dava told what and how to do to rid my husband of this addiction. With his help, my beloved finally understood what he was doing to himself and our family. After talking with Yeshe-Dava, our family no longer has a problem with alcoholism.


Usually 2-3 days. In a letter of up to 6 thousand characters, you can ask only the most important thing that you want to know.


How long to wait for an answer? Can I ask two questions at once?


The healer of Yeshe-Dava is my ligh. This is not the first time I have been addressing him with various problems and finding the right solution with his help. And now, when I was ready to kill myself because of family troubles and when I lost the joy of life, I wrote a letter to my faithful assistant Yeshe-Dava. With his answer, as if by magic, welfare returned to my life, I was able to breathe freely. He is just a sorcerer, grateful to fate that I learned about such a person and have the opportunity to communicate with him!


Asked when I am going to get married. ( I am already married) Asked on purpose just to check if he is a cheater. Now I am really sorry. His response was so sincere. He told me a lot, I received so much useful advice.. Thank you.