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For centuries, Tibetan healers have been using “places of power” to heal and change a person’s destiny. To do this, they connect the “needy” through the cultivation of certain plants in the “places of power”.

A planted flower, or tree, at the right hour of the day and with a certain ritual, begins to have a beneficial effect on the person connected to it as soon as the sprout appears from the ground. The bigger the plant is, more powerful its root system is, the healthier and luckier the life of the recipient.

This method has long been used only in a narrow circle of initiates, but now, thanks to Yeshe-Dawa, anyone can use these powerful forces of nature to his or her advantage.

What’s better to plant?

A Flower – it is an emergency. It quickly sprouts and blooms. The power of the effect allows to solve simple problems which last not more than a year or a year and a half.

The action is short-term.

If, during flowering, the situation is not completely resolved, it is recommended to plant another flower, or go to the next level, where shrubs are used.

A Shrub – it is a strong energy rope which will pull out of the deep mire your life's troubles. Situations that arose 5-10 years ago and less are easily submitted to resolution.

The effect begins in 2-3 months.

A Tree – is your twin brother, which doubles your strength, and fundamentally reshapes reality starting from the basics of the emergence of negative manifestations.

The action begins in 4-6 months.


- In about 2-4 years, there will be a feeling that someone is leading you by the hand and helping along your way. Thus everything in life will become easy. During this period, it is very important to help others, to share the received life energy. This rule should be followed strictly!

In order to plant a plant, fill out the form.

Indicate the area of life in which the main issue in life is.

Unfortunately, Yeshe-Dawa, cannot bear the costs, for all the wanted, of buying and delivering seedlings, as well as caring for them.

Therefore, the cost is borne by the applicant.

Prices for 2022:

A Flower – 70 $

A shrub – 150 $

A Tree – 250 $

**To be noted: If the plant does not come up, withers, this sometimes happens, we will definitely notify you, so please give the correct e-mail address, and subscribe to the Facebook group. The very fact that the plant has died indicates that it has taken the hit of negative energy and saved the "recipient". It is necessary to plant a new plant as soon as possible.

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Here you will learn how to change your own destiny. The basic tenets of the Pragma teachings (instructions on how to use our world). Here you will find your mentor.

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Dr. Khardy
Dr. Khardy
02 December 2019

Thanks a lot for everything!

18 November 2019

This year was very difficult for me: I lost my mother, divorced my wife, became isolated. When I realized that my friends ’advice didn’t work, and the psychologist’s sessions were just pumping money out, I decided to take a desperate step – write to the clairvoyant Yeshe-Dava. Honestly, I did not believe that he was someone that could help, but even answer. To my surprise, Yeshe-Dava wrote me the very next day, and from that moment on, my life changed. With his support, I gained confidence in myself, again I wanted to LIVE. Thanks for the good advice!

17 October 2019

I almost got married by mistake. How difficult it is when there is no person nearby with whom you can talk about everything. I wrote without much hope to the clairvoyant Dava, and honestly did not wait for an answer, but it came. And it was like a miracle, everything that happened was revealed in another in the real light! I express my heartfelt gratitude!

28 September 2019

I rarely turn to clairvoyants but I am always glad that there are such talented people!

01 September 2019

Six months ago, everything went wrong in my life: I was fired from my job, my wife left, taking our children with her, my friends turned away. Life for me at that moment lost all meaning. Once I came across an article on the Internet about the healer Yeshe-Dava. You know, I never believed in all this magic, sorcery, clairvoyance and the like. And so, it wasn’t, because of hopelessness I decided to write to him. Yeshe-Dava’s response made me open my eyes to many things and review my behavior. I reconciled with my wife, I found a good job, I finally figured out myself. Life began to improve.

23 August 2019

My marriage was falling apart: the husband started drinking badly. Although before the wedding, everything was just perfect. And then it seemed to be broken. I tried everything, I went to the doctors, nothing worked. Then I decided to try to contact the healers. I accidentally found Yeshe-Dava and wrote to him about my problem. The answer came the next day. Yeshe-Dava told what and how to do to rid my husband of this addiction. With his help, my beloved finally understood what he was doing to himself and our family. After talking with Yeshe-Dava, our family no longer has a problem with alcoholism.

06 July 2019

Usually 2-3 days. In a letter of up to 6 thousand characters, you can ask only the most important thing that you want to know.

05 July 2019

How long to wait for an answer? Can I ask two questions at once?

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