If the path is blocked by stone blockages and a windbreak, it does not mean that the direction is wrong.

Very often people lose heart on the eve of victory.

Many people think that the best moment to fix their life was 10 years ago, but in fact, the best moment is today.

If your ship is moored, then the sails will not be filled  by a tailwind.

The man, who managed to grow a garden, started with small seeds.

You want to live long time, notice every moment.

Control your thoughts, they are harbingers of events.

Indecision destroys your future.

When you are on the edge, when the meaning of life is lost – know this is the beginning of a new path.

Creation can not help a man if he does not act.

Happiness will never come – it is already here.

You don’t have to go back to the past – you came from there.

The more you work, the easier it is for luck to find you.

You have to know that the gifts of the world won’t fall at your feet on their own , you have to go shopping for them

You have enough opportunities now and here to make yourself and your loved ones happy.